How to transport a Christmas tree with a car: image

How to transport a Christmas tree with a Car

If you are looking for information on how to transport a Christmas tree, then you have come to the right place. Not just that but here, you will also learn about the basics, such as how to transport a Christmas tree without a roof rack, as well as how to tie a Christmas tree to […]
Symptoms of a Bad Gas Cap: image

Symptoms of a Bad Gas Cap

Your vehicle’s gas cap is often one of the parts that get overlooked as it is so ordinary and almost inconsequential. Before we go into that, let us try to define what is a gas cap? The gas cap is what you take off when refueling your car, and this happens thousands of times in […]
How To Unclog A Catalytic Converter: image

How To Unclog A Catalytic Converter?

An important element of a car’s exhaust system is the catalytic converter (catalytic converter). Its task is to reduce the amount of harmful combustion elements emitted into the atmosphere. The average catalyst resource is about 100-150 thousand kilometers. It can run flawlessly longer or less, depending on the quality of the engine, the fuel used […]
How Does A Hybrid Car Work? - image

How Does A Hybrid Car Work?

What’s a hybrid Vehicle? The hybrid power plant of a modern vehicle is a combination of a conventional engine and an electric motor. As a result, such a hybrid provides not only minimal fuel consumption, but also a relative purity of exhaust gases. Immediately, we note that the efficiency is directly dependent on the capacity […]
What to do with brake pads when replacing wheels: image

What to do with brake pads when replacing wheels

Brake pads are one of the main life-supporting elements of the braking system of a modern car. However, most drivers do not think about it every time they get into the car. And even more so they do not pay due attention to the pads, guided by the argument: “they slow down, all right.” And […]
Toyota Tundra Review: image

New Toyota Tundra 2022: Review

Toyota has introduced a new generation Tundra pickup truck. The car was built on the TNGA-F platform, which is used by the Land Cruiser 300 SUV. In the US, sales of the car will begin before the end of this year. It will compete for customers with the segment leaders in the American market – […]
Ford Expedition: image

Ford Expedition 2022 | New off-road version

Review Ford has updated the Expedition frame SUV.The car was slightly refreshed in appearance and technical “stuffing”.In addition, a new extreme version of the Timberlinewill be available for the updated Expedition , it has received the title of the mostoff-road in the range and a sporty Stealth Edition trim packagewith retuned suspension. Ford has been […]
Porsche 911 Turbo S - still the best sports car: image

The new Porsche 911 Turbo S: still the best sports car !?

In the fall of 2019, the company introduced the 911 lineup with factory designation 992. Top modification Turbo S planned to show at the Geneva Motor Show, but the exhibition didn’t take place, so the premiere coupe and convertible went online. While many modern super cars go to hybrid power plants, The new 911 Turbo […]
How to Program a Transponder Key Without Original: image

How to Program a Transponder Key Without Original

Car designs have gone a long way since the first one was built, but one of the most important is the invention of the transponder key. Before transponder key programming technology, cars were secured via mechanical means through the use of unique keys. Transponder keys added several layers of security to the traditional keys used […]
Dielectric Grease: image

What is Dielectric Grease

For starters, right off the bat, we need to tell you that dielectric grease is non-conductive. It is mainly a substance that improves conductivity by isolating highly conductive parts from leaking high voltages out of their intended housings. These include high-energy systems inside vehicles, such as battery terminals, ignition systems, headlamps, and even spark plug […]