Lug Nut Socket Size Chart: What You Should Know

You might think that lug nuts are insignificant due to their small size. However, they are one of the most essential parts of any vehicle. This is why it’s important for them to always be at the right size for your vehicle so that they work well.

If you are interested in knowing more about lug nut size, then you have come to the right page. In this article, you will learn more about lug nut socket size chart and what they mean.

Lug Nut Socket Size

A lug nut is a type of nut fastener that has one conical or rounded end. It is used on aluminum or steel wheels. Lug nuts come in different sets and are mostly used to secure vehicle wheels and threaded wheel studs to the vehicle’s axles.

In addition, lug nuts have varying sizes, depending on the wheel nut size guide. This means that there is a specific nut for every manufacturer. Consequently, for every lug nut, there is a suitable or specific socket size.

What size are lug nuts? The most common sizes are the following:

  • 17mm
  • ¾ inches
  • 13/16 inches
  • ⅞ inches
  • 23mm

What Lug Nut Size Do You Need?

If you are wondering what lug nut size you need for your vehicle; the answer highly depends on its make and model. Most vehicles during the late 1900s required a 12mm x 1.5 nut type. Meanwhile, those vehicles produced during the early 2000s are compatible with either 12 mm x 1.5 or 14 mm x 1.5 lug nuts. They also vary in terms of lug nut wrench size.

 measuring bolt: image

To help you figure out what exactly is the lug nut size for your vehicle, you can refer to these steps:

Step #1: Find out the Seat Type Where the Nuts Fit into the Wheel

You first need to find out the seat type where the nuts fit into the wheel. Most of the time, the seat will be tapered and rounded at a 60 degrees angle. In some cases, a smaller inner cylinder offsets it. seat

Those nut seats with a straight 60 degree beveled edge are known as tapered seats acorns. Meanwhile, rounded seats are called ball seats or rounded. Lastly, offset seats are referred to as mags seats which usually have a washer between the wheel seat and the ledge.

Step #2: Check the Lug Nut Thread Size

The next step is to check the lug nut thread size. For this step, you can refer to your car’s instruction manual with its lug nut size chart, where you will find more specific information about the thread dimensions.

To get the measurement of the thread width on the lug bolt, you will need a measuring tape. If you are unable to do this, you can also opt to bring the nut to the hardware store and test it around other bolts to find the perfect fit.

Step #3: Measure the Thread Pitch

thread pitch: image
For example a thread pitch of 1.5 means that the distance between one thread and the next is 1.5mm. In general smaller fasteners have finer thread so they have lower thread pitch.

Finally, you have to make sure that the thread pitch is compatible with the threads per inch on the bolts. Again, you can use the owner’s manual for this one or do the second option discussed in step #2 But instead, check the lug nut thread size chart.

Standard Allen Key Socket Cap Bolts: image
Standard Allen Key Socket Cap Bolts
Tapered Socket Cap Bolts: image
Tapered Socket Cap Bolts
Flanged Hex Head Bolts: image
Flanged Hex Head Bolts
Dome Head/Fairing Bolts: image
Dome Head/Fairing Bolts
Flat Washers: image
Flat Washers
Drilled Washers: image
Drilled Washers
Countersunk Bodywork Washers: image
Countersunk Bodywork Washers
Race Spec Bolts: image
Race Spec Bolts
Race Spec Bodywork Bolts: image
Race Spec Bodywork Bolts

Lug nut thread size chart

ACURAProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)1986-On12mm x 1.5Nut
MDX2002-200612mm x 1.5Nut
MDX2007-On14mm x 1.5Nut
RL2005-On14mm x 1.5Nut
TL2004-200812mm x 1.5Nut
TL2009-On14mm x 1.5Nut
ALFA ROMEOProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL1972-On12mm x 1.5Nut
AM GeneralProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
Hummer 22005-200814mm x 1.5Nut
Hummer 32006-21012mm x 1.5Nut
AUDIProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)1988-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
40001980-198712mm x 1.5Bolt
BMWProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL1962-197612mm x 1.5Nut
ALL (except below)1977-On12mm x 1.5Bolt
7 Series2002-200814mm x 1.5Bolt
7 Series2009-On14mm x 1.25Bolt
X32003-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
X52000-200614mm x 1.5Bolt
X52006-On14mm x 1.25Bolt
X62008-On14mm x 1.25Bolt
BUICKProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (front wheel drive)1979-198912mm x 1.5Nut
Allure2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Apollo1973-19817/16″ x 20Nut
Century1973-19817/16″ x 20Nut
Century1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Electra1958-19841/2″ x 20Nut
Electra1985-199112mm x 1.5Nut
Enclave2008-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Grand Sport1961-19827/16″ x 20Nut
Lacrosse2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Le Sabre1961-19761/2″ x 20Nut
Le Sabre1977-19857/16″ x 20Nut
Le Sabre (station wagon, V8)1977-19901/2″ x 20Nut
Le Sabre1986-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Lucerne2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Limited1980-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Opel1968-197912mm x 1.5Nut
Park Avenue1984-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Rainier2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Reatta1988-199212mm x 1.5Nut
Regal1977-19817/16″ x 20Nut
Regal1982-200412mm x 1.5Nut
Rendezvous2002-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Riviera1963-19781/2″ x 20Nut
Riviera1979-199912mm x 1.5Nut
Roadmaster1991-199612mm x 1.5Nut
Skyhawk1975-19817/16″ x 20Nut
Skyhawk1982-199112mm x 1.5Nut
Skylark1962-19797/16″ x 20Nut
Skylark, Somerset1980-199812mm x 1.5Nut
Special/Special Wagon1967-19777/16″ x 20Nut
Terraza2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CADILLACProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (front wheel drive)1979-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Allante1979-199312mm x 1.5Nut
Brougham1987-19901/2″ x 20Nut
Brougham1991-199512mm x 1.5Nut
Catera1997-200212mm x 1.5Bolt
Cimarron1981-198812mm x 1.5Nut
CTS, CTS-V2003-200712mm x 1.5Nut
CTS, CTS-V2008-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Deville (RWD)1962-19851/2″ x 20Nut
Deville (FWD)1986-200512mm x 1.5Nut
DTS2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
El Dorado1953-19781/2″ x 20Nut
El Dorado1979-200212mm x 1.5Nut
Escalade1999-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Fleetwood (RWD)1960-19861/2″ x 20Nut
Fleetwood (FWD)1987-199612mm x 1.5Nut
Seville1975-19767/16″ x 20Nut
Seville1977-19791/2″ x 20Nut
Seville1980-On12mm x 1.5Nut
SRX, XLR, XLR-V2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
STS, STS-V2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GEO (Cars)Production yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
Aveo2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Bel Air, Biscayne1954-19707/16″ x 20Nut
Bel Air, Biscayne1971-19761/2″ x 20Nut
Beretta1988-199612mm x 1.5Nut
Camaro1967-19817/16″ x 20Nut
Camaro1982-200212mm x 1.5Nut
Camaro2010-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Caprice1968-19761/2″ x 20Nut
Caprice1977-19907/16″ x 20Nut
Caprice (station wagon, V8)1977-19901/2″ x 20Nut
Caprice and Wagon1991-199612mm x 1.5Nut
Cavalier, Celebrity, Corsica1982-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Chevelle1964-19767/16″ x 20Nut
Chevette1976-198712mm x 1.5Nut
Citation1980-198512mm x 1.5Nut
Cobalt2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Corvette1953-19837/16″ x 20Nut
Corvette1984-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Epica, Optra2004-200712mm x 1.5Nut
Equinox2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Geo Metro1990-199412mm x 1.25Nut
Geo Metro1995-200112mm x 1.25Nut
Geo Metro Convertible1990-199312mm x 1.25Nut
Geo Prizm, Storm1990-200212mm x 1.5Nut
Geo Tracker1989-200412mm x 1.25Nut
HHR2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Impala1958-19707/16″ x 20Nut
Impala1971-19761/2″ x 20Nut
Impala1977-19847/16″ x 20Nut
Impala (station wagon, V8)1977-19841/2″ x 20Nut
Impala1993-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Laguna, Monza, Vega1965-19817/16″ x 20Nut
Lumina, Lumina APV1989-200112mm x 1.5Nut
Malibu1964-19817/16″ x 20Nut
Malibu1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Metro1995-200112mm x 1.25Nut
Monte Carlo1970-19817/16″ x 20Nut
Monte Carlo1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Nova, Chevy II1962-19797/16″ x 20Nut
Nova1986-198912mm x 1.5Nut
Spectrum1985-198912mm x 1.5Nut
SSR2004-200612mm x 1.5Nut
CHEVROLET/GMC (Trucks & SUVs)Production yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
Acadia2007-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Avalanche2002-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Astro Van1985-200214mm x 1.5Nut
Astro Van2003-20057/16″ x 20Nut
Blazer 4WD (6-lug)1971-19911/2″ x 20Nut
Blazer 2WD (5-lug)1971-199114mm x 1.5Nut
Blazer1992-199412mm x 1.5Nut
S-10 Blazer1983-200512mm x 1.5Nut
S-101983-20047/16″ x 20Nut
Caballero, El Camino1964-198112mm x 1.5Nut
Caballero, El Camino1982-198712mm x 1.5Nut
Canyon2004-On1/2″ x 20Nut
C-101971-19881/2″ x 20Nut
C-15001971-19871/2″ x 20Nut
Chevy 3/4 Ton Van1960-198112mm x 1.5Nut
Colorado2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Envoy1999-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Express Van, Denali1996-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Equinox2005-On7/16″ x 20Nut
Jimmy (5-lug)1969-19701/2″ x 20Nut
Jimmy (5-lug)1971-19917/16″ x 20Nut
Jimmy (6-lug)1971-199112mm x 1.5Nut
Luv1972-19841/2″ x 20Nut
Pickup (5-lug)1971-19877/16″ x 20Nut
Pickup (6-lug)1937-19871/2″ x 20Nut
Pickup (8-lug)1965-198714mm x 1.5Nut
Pickups (ALL)1988-On12mm x 1.5Nut
S-15, Sonoma, Jimmy1983-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Safari1985-200214mm x 1.5Nut
Safari2003-200514mm x 1.5Nut
Savana1992-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Silverado1996-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Sierra1999-On7/16″ x 20Nut
Sprint1964-198112mm x 1.5Nut
SSR2004-20067/16″ x 20Nut
Suburban (5-lug)1969-19701/2″ x 20Nut
Suburban (5-lug)1971-19917/16″ x 20Nut
Suburban (6-lug)1969-19919/16″ x 18Nut
Suburban (8-lug)1969-199114mm x 1.5Nut
Suburban, Yukon1992-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Tahoe1995-On12mm x 1.25Nut
Tracker1989-200414mm x 1.5Nut
Traverse2009-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Trailblazer, Trailblazer XL2002-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Uplander2005-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Van/Express1996-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Van (5-lug; except Express & Savana)1971-19967/16″ x 20Nut
Van (6-lug; except Express & Savana)1971-19961/2″ x 20Nut
Van (8-lug; except Express & Savana)1965-199612mm x 1.5Nut
Ventura Minivan1997-200514mm x 1.5Nut
Yukon, Yukon Denali2000-On14mm x 1.5Nut
CHRYSTLERProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
300, 300C2005-On14mm x 1.5Nut
300M1999-200412mm x 1.5Nut
300M2005-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Aspen2007-On9/16″ x 18Nut
Cirrus1995-200112mm x 1.5Nut
Concorde, LHS1993-200412mm x 1.5Nut
Cordoba, Mirada, Newport1971-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Crossfire2004-On12mm x 1.5Bolt
E-Class1981-198812mm x 1.5Nut
Imperial1990-199512mm x 1.5Nut
Le Baron1982-199512mm x 1.5Nut
New Yorker (FWD)1983-199812mm x 1.5Nut
New Yorker Fifth Ave.1971-19921/2″ x 20Nut
Pacifica2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
PT Cruiser2000-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Sebring1995-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Town & Country1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Windsor1960-19611/2″ x 20Nut
DAEWOOProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
Lanos1999-200212mm x 1.5Bolt
Leganza, Nubira2000-200212mm x 1.5Nut
DAIHATSUProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
Charade1989-199212mm x 1.5Nut
Rocky1990-199212mm x 1.5Nut
DODGE (Cars)Production yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
400, 600, 600ES, Aries1981-198412mm x 1.5Nut
Aspen, Demon1973-19801/2″ x 20Nut
Avenger1995-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Caliber2007-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Caravan, Grand Caravan1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Challenger1971-19771/2″ x 20Nut
Challenger1978-198312mm x 1.5Nut
Challenger2009-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Charger1966-19701/2″ x 20Nut
Charger1971-19761/2″ x 20Nut
Charger1978-198812mm x 1.5Nut
Charger2006-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Colt, Lancer1970-199312mm x 1.5Nut
Conquest1982-198812mm x 1.5Nut
Coronet1965-19771/2″ x 20Nut
D501975-199412mm x 1.5Nut
Dart1960-19641/2″ x 20Nut
Dart (w/o disc brakes)1971-19767/16″ x 20Nut
Dart (w/ disc brakes)1971-19761/2″ x 20Nut
Daytona, Monaco, Shelby1981-199412mm x 1.5Nut
Diplomat1977-19881/2″ x 20Nut
Dynasty1988-199512mm x 1.5Nut
Intrepid1993-200412mm x 1.5Nut
Journey2009-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Magnum2005-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Mirada, St. Regis, Swinger1971-19831/2″ x 20Nut
Neon, SRT-41994-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Nitro2007-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Omni, O24, De Tomaso1978-199112mm x 1.5Nut
Shadow, Spirit1987-199512mm x 1.5Nut
Stealth1991-199612mm x 1.5Nut
Stratus1995-200612mm x 1.5Nut
Viper1992-On1/2″ x 20Nut
DODGE (Trucks & SUVs)Production yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
B-100, W-100, W-1501970-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Dakota1987-20041/2″ x 20Nut
Dakota2005-On9/16″ x 18Nut
Durango1998-20031/2″ x 20Nut
Durango2004-On9/16″ x 18Nut
Pickup1971-19931/2″ x 20Nut
Pickup2002-On9/16″ x 18Nut
Pickup 15001994-20011/2″ x 20Nut
Pickup 15002002-On9/16″ x 18Nut
Pickup 2500 & 35001994-On9/16″ x 18Nut
Raider1987-198912mm x 1.5Nut
Ram Charger1971-19921/2″ x 20Nut
Ram 50, Dodge 4WD Pickup1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
SRT-102004-On9/16″ x 18Nut
Sprinter Wagon2004-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Van1971-20031/2″ x 20Nut
Van 2500 & 35001994-20039/16″ x 18Nut
EAGLEProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL1988-On12mm x 1.5Nut
FORD (Cars)Production yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
Aspire1995-199712mm x 1.5Bolt
Contour1995-200112mm X 1.5Nut
Courier1977-198312mm x 1.5Nut
Crown Victoria, LTD1960-On1/2″ x 20Nut
CustomALL1/2″ x 20Nut
Edge2007-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Escort, EXP1981-19831/2″ x 20Nut
Escort, EXP, Festiva, ZX21984-On12mm X 1.5Nut
Fairlane, Fairmont, Falcon, FuturaALL1/2″ x 20Nut
Fiesta1977-On12mm X 1.5Nut
Five Hundred2005-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Focus2000-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Fusion2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Galaxie, GranadaALL1/2″ x 20Nut
MaverickALL1/2″ x 20Nut
Mustang1965-On1/2″ x 20Nut
PintoALL1/2″ x 20Nut
Probe1988-200812mm x 1.5Nut
Tempo1984-199412mm x 1.5Nut
Taurus1986-200712mm x 1.5Nut
Taurus2008-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Thunderbird1955-19881/2″ x 20Nut
Thunderbird1989-On12mm X 1.5Nut
TorinoALL1/2″ x 20Nut
FORD (Trucks & SUVs)Production yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
Aerostar1986-19971/2″ x 20Nut
Bronco, Club Wagon, F-100ALL1/2″ x 20Nut
Courier1977-198312mm x 1.5Nut
Escape2001-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Excursion2000-200214mm x 2Nut
Excursion2003-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Expedition1997-199912mm x 1.75Nut
Expedition2000-On14mm x 2Nut
Explorer1991-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Flex2009-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Freestar2004-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Freestyle2005-On1/2″ x 20Nut
F-1501960-19961/2″ x 20Nut
F-1501997-199912mm x 1.75Nut
F-1502000-On14mm x 2Nut
F-2501981-19961/2″ x 20Nut
F-2501997-199912mm x 1.75Nut
F-2502000-200214mm x 2Nut
F-2502003-On14mm x 1.5Nut
F-3501981-19969/16″ x 18Nut
F-350, F-450, F-5501997-200214mm x 2Nut
F-350, F-450, F-5502003-On14mm x 1.5Nut
RancheroALL1/2″ x 20Nut
Ranger1983-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Van (E50, E100, E200)ALL1/2″ x 20Nut
Van (E250, E350)ALL9/16″ x 18Nut
Windstar1994-200312mm x 1.5Nut
HONDAProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL1976-198012mm x 1.5Nut
ALL (except below)1980-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Odyssey, Ridgeline2005-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Pilot2009-On14mm x 1.5Nut
HYUNDAIProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL12mm x 1.5Nut
INFINITYProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL12mm x 1.25Nut
ISUZUProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL12mm x 1.5Nut
JAGUARProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)1976-On1/2″ x 20Nut
S Type, X Type, XJ1999-On12mm x 1.5Nut
XF Type2008-On12mm x 1.5Nut
JEEPProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (5-lug)1/2″ x 20Nut
ALL (6-lug)7/16″ x 20Nut
ALL (8-lug)1/2″ x 20Nut
Commander2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Compass, Patriot2007-On12mm x 1.5Nut
KIAProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)14mm x 1.5Nut
Rio2001-200212mm x 1.5Nut
LAND ROVERProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)14mm x 1.5Nut
Freelander2002-200512mm x 1.5Nut
LEXUSProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)1990-On12mm x 1.5Nut
GX4702004-On14mm x 1.5Nut
LS460, LS460L2007-On14mm x 1.5Nut
LS600HL2008-On14mm x 1.5Nut
LX4701999-200314mm x 1.5Nut
LX5702008-On14mm x 1.5Nut
LINCOLNProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
Aviator, Town CarALL1/2″ x 20Nut
Blackwood2002-200314mm x 2Nut
Continental1939-19871/2″ x 20Nut
Continental1988-200212mm x 1.5Nut
LS2000-200612mm x 1.5Nut
Mark1967-19921/2″ x 20Nut
Mark LT2006-On14mm x 2Nut
Mark VIII1993-199812mm x 1.5Nut
MKS2009-On1/2″ x 20Nut
MKX2007-On1/2″ x 20Nut
MKZ2007-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Navigator1997-199912mm x 1.75Nut
Navigator2000-On14mm x 2Nut
Zephyr2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
MAZDAProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)ALL12mm x 1.5Nut
B2300, B2500, B3000, B40001993-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Navajo1993-On1/2″ x 20Nut
MERCEDESProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)ALL12mm x 1.5Bolt
500 SEL1992-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
C Class2008-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
CL Class2003-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
CLS Class2006-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
G Class2002-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
GL Class2007-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
GLK Class2010-On12mm x 1.5Bolt
E Class2002-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
M Class1998-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
R Class2006-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
S Class, SL Class2001-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
MERCURYProduction yearLug nut dimensions
Bobcat1975-19811/2″ x 20Nut
Capri1979-19901/2″ x 20Nut
Capri1991-199412mm x 1.5Nut
Cornet1963-19801/2″ x 20Nut
Cougar1967-19881/2″ x 20Nut
Cougar1989-200212mm x 1.5Nut
Cyclone1963-19871/2″ x 20Nut
Grand Marquis1979-On1/2″ x 20Nut
LN7, Lynx1981-19831/2″ x 20Nut
LN7, Lynx1983-198712mm x 1.5Nut
Marauder2003-20041/2″ x 20Nut
Mariner2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Marquis1967-19901/2″ x 20Nut
Milan2006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Montego1968-On1/2″ x 20Nut
Monterey2004-20061/2″ x 20Nut
Mountaineer1977-On1/2″ x 20Nut
MystiqueALL12mm x 1.5Nut
Sable1986-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Sable2008-On1/2″ x 20Nut
TopazALL12mm x 1.5Nut
TracerALL12mm x 1.5Nut
Villager1993-200312mm x 1.25Nut
MERKURProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL12mm x 1.25Nut
MINIProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
Cooper, Cooper S2002-200612mm x 1.5Bolt
ALL2007-On14mm x 1.25Bolt
MGProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL1/2″ x 20Nut
MITSUBISHIProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
Raider2006-On9/16″ x 18Nut
NISSAN/DATSUNProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)1972-On12mm x 1.25Nut
1600, 20001965-19717/16″ x 20Nut
OLDSMOBILEProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
981960-19841/2″ x 20Nut
Bravada2002-200414mm x 1.5Nut
Custom Cruiser1981-19901/2″ x 20Nut
Custom Cruiser1991-199512mm x 1.5Nut
Cutlass, F851964-19817/16″ x 20Nut
Cutlass1982-19991/2″ x 20Nut
Delta 881977-19857/16″ x 20Nut
Delta 88 (station wagon, V8)1977-19851/2″ x 20Nut
Delta 881986-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Tornado1966-19781/2″ x 20Nut
Tornado1979-199612mm x 1.5Nut
PEUGEOTProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL12mm x 1.25Nut
PLYMOUTHProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
Barracuda (w/ disc brakes)1971-19761/2″ x 20Nut
Barracuda (w/o disc brakes)1971-19767/16″ x 20Nut
Belvedere1971-19761/2″ x 20Nut
Duster1973-19801/2″ x 20Nut
Duster, Dart1963-19747/16″ x 20Nut
Fury, GTX, Road Runner, Satellite1971-19891/2″ x 20Nut
Trailduster, Van1976-19881/2″ x 20Nut
Valiant1971-19767/16″ or 1/2″Nut
Voyager1984-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Vogager 4×41974-19831/2″ x 20Nut
PONTIACProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
Bonneville, Catalina1960-19761/2″ x 20Nut
Bonneville, Catalina1977-19817/16″ x 20Nut
Bonneville (station wagon, V8)1977-19811/2″ x 20Nut
Bonneville1982-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Firebird1967-19817/16″ x 20Nut
Firebird1982-200212mm x 1.5Nut
G82008-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Grand Am, Grand Prix1969-19817/16″ x 20Nut
Grand Am1985-200512mm x 1.5Nut
Grand Prix1982-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Lemans, Tempest1964-19817/16″ x 20Nut
PORSCHEProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)1965-199714mm x 1.5Nut
911, 914, 9241997-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Cayman, Cayman S1997-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Cayenne2003-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
RENAULTProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
Alliance, Encore, MedallionALL12mm x 1.5Nut
SAABProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
9-2X2005-On12mm x 1.25Nut
9-7X2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
900, 900 Turbo1979-19871/2″ x 20Nut
900, 900 Turbo1988-199314mm x 1.5Bolt
900, 9-3, 9-51994-On12mm x 1.5Bolt
90001986-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
SATURNProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)1991-On12mm x 1.5Nut
LS1999-200412mm x 1.5Bolt
Outlook2007-On14mm x 1.5Nut
SCIONProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
SMARTProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
Fortwo2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
STERLINGProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL12mm x 1.5Nut
SUBARUProduction yearLug nut dimensions
ALL12mm x 1.25Nut
SUZUKIProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)ALL12mm x 1.25Nut
Forenza, Verona2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Reno2005-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Swift1995-200112mm x 1.25Nut
Swift2004-On12mm x 1.5Nut
TOYOTAProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)12mm x 1.5Nut
Land Cruiser1998-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Sequoia2008-On14mm x 1.5Nut
Tundra2007-On14mm x 1.5Nut
VOLKSWAGENProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
ALL (except below)ALL12mm x 1.5Bolt
Beetle1968-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Eos2007-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Eurovan MV1993-199614mm x 1.5Bolt
Golf, GTI1999-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Jetta1981-199812mm x 1.5Bolt
Jetta VR61993-200514mm x 1.5Bolt
Jetta1999-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Passat1990-199712mm x 1.5Bolt
Passat VR61992-199714mm x 1.5Bolt
Passat1998-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Phaeton2004-200514mm x 1.5Bolt
Rabbit2007-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Routan2009-On12mm x 1.5Nut
Sedan (4-lug)1968-197914mm x 1.5Bolt
Tiguan2009-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Touareg2003-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
Transporter Van1968-197914mm x 1.5Bolt
VOLVOProduction yearLug nut dimensionsNut/Bolt
DL-2401976-19861/2″ x 20Nut
DL-2401987-On12mm x 1.5Nut
740, 760, 780, 940ALL12mm x 1.5Nut
850, 880, 960ALL12mm x 1.75Nut
SC70ALL14mm x 1.5Bolt
C302007-On12mm x 1.5Nut
C701993-200412mm x 1.75Bolt
C70200514mm x 1.5Bolt
C702006-On12mm x 1.5Nut
S40, V40, V502000-On12mm x 1.5Nut
S601993-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
S70ALL12mm x 1.75Nut
S802000-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
S90, V901984-200312mm x 1.5Nut
V701993-199912mm x 1.75Bolt
V702000-On14mm x 1.5Bolt
V70 Cross CountryALL12mm x 1.75Nut
XC60, XC70, XC902000-On14mm x 1.5Bolt

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why are lug nuts called lug nuts?

The lug nut name derives from a word that means a “projecting part.” It is originally from a Scandinavian word that means a cap or ear flap. During the 30s, the word “lug” also meant bozo, lowlife, sponger, or lout.

What is the lug nut rule?

The lug nut rule applies in NASCAR tire-changing pit stops. It requires teams to securely and safely have all the 5 lug nuts of the wheels since this is how many lug nuts are on a standard car. If they fail to do this, there is a high tendency that the driver might be forcibly called to the pit stop in the middle of the race, causing them to be left behind.

How much does a lug nut cost?

Lug nut costs differ from one manufacturer to another. However, the estimated price of typical lug nut size can start from $ 7 to $490 per set. But, these can also be bought individually.

Can you replace just one lug nut?

Technically, the answer is yes. However, it is not recommended just to replace one lug nut on a wheel because this will cause uneven pressure on the hub. It can have a significant effect on the wheel bearing, causing it to break over time. When this happens, it is more costly to repair the wheel bearings instead of buying new sets of lug nuts.

Are lug nuts universal?

The purpose of lug nuts is universal. They are made to secure your tires and wheels. However, wheel are lug nuts universal when it comes to size, thread, and sockets.

Is it Okay to be missing a lug nut?

Your vehicle will still work despite losing a lug nut. However, it is highly recommended that you have it replaced as soon as possible. This is because it can be quite dangerous driving with a missing lug nut because it causes extra pressure on the wheels. When too much pressure builds up, it can burst and cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

Do all lug nuts need to be the same?

Are you wondering; are lug nuts all the same size for one vehicle? The answer is yes, all lug nuts have to be the same in one vehicle so that it has an equal amount of tension that secures the wheels.

Does the lug nut size matter?

The lug nut size does not really matter. What matters the most is the diameter and thread pitch of the shaft. If it does not fit, then you will need to purchase new ones. Plus, if it’s not the right size, you risk potential damage or accident on your vehicle.

But, you should also take into consideration the lug wrench size chart. If they are not compatible with each other, it might be difficult to tighten and secure the lug nut.


There you have it, that’s everything that you have to know about lug nut sockets. If you have a worn-out lug nut or you’re planning to change them even before they malfunction, make sure to refer to the chart mentioned above. It will save you the headache of figuring out which is the best fit for your vehicle and buying the wrong size.

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