The new Ford F-150 (2021): Pickup for all occasions! All the details

Ford introduced new generation F-150 pickup truck, which for the first time in its stories got a modification with a hybrid powerplant.

F-150 is one of the mostpopular carsand holds the first line in class sales in North American the market. New, already 14th generation received very minor changes in appearance however, almost all pickup exterior panels new as well as diode lighting, front wings become taller shape of exterior mirrors, aerodynamics improved active blinds appeared in front, automatically closing when moving at high speeds.
Ford offers wide personalization options including two-tone color bodywork, 11 design options false radiator grill and 13 wheel design options disks with a diameter from 17 to 22 inches.

Pickup based lies a steel frame, and the body and cab made of aluminum alloy. in there are single-row cars, “One and a half” and two-row cabin with a change of generation car retained the familiar architecture front panel but changes enough.

In the cabin there was a multimedia SYNC 4 system with diagonal 8 or 12 inches screen for top configurations, virtual tidy available only top pickups. Did not get the base pickup and LED optics. Massive central tunnel, with a wide “working surface “will make it easier life to owners who spend driving a pickup truck a lot of time.

All F-150 now equip folding transmission selector. And in the basic version, instead of central tunnel can install additional seat with back folded forms table with cup holders.
Optional seats available with reclining 180 degrees backs they make a pickup truck to the rest room (at the same time the upper back is leveled, and the seat cushion rises creating a smoother surface).

Also optional order folding lockable boxing for things under the back full width seat salon, And in standard equipping the pillow on the second row can be raised by turning him in extra freight compartment with flat floor.

Since hundreds of thousands of Americans choose the F-150 for work, new generation creators paid a lot of attention useful devices and systems. So, as an option pickup available food external equipment Pro Power Onboard. This is a set of sockets ac inside and on a loading platform. For non-hybrid versions the load on them is limited level of two kilowatts.

F-150 received a moderately hybrid power plant it consists from V6 3.5 EcoBoost motor with two turbochargers and 35 kilowatts (47 hp) electric motor, built-in ten-speed “Automatic” to such a pickup put 1.5-kilowatt lithium ion battery. It placed under the floor, between frame spars, and not affected to a salon or a loading platform models .. According to the automaker, electrified range F-150 reaches 1126 kilometers.
PowerBoost System Available in all trim levels (XL to Limited) and can be combined with both rear and full driven. In the second case the car gets back differential with electronic blocking. such a hybrid is equipped Pro Power Onboard already by default, more than powerful (2.4 kW), for a fee 7.2 kW version available with sockets for 240 V and 30 A.

Pro Power Onboard is able to power camping equipment instruments. Works Pro Power both in the parking lot and in motion. In the meantime, the pickup truck is moving from one place of work to another, you can charge from these outlets batteries drills and drank, or feed large refrigerator.

Clamps for use tailgate as a workbench are included in standard equipment pickup truck. Available as an option work surface with built-in ruler andholders for mobile devices, mugs and pencils.

In the line of gasoline engines entered the “aspirated” V6 3.3 and V8 5.0, as well as six-cylinder 2.7 turbo engines and 3.5 liters.

Diesel engine one is a six-cylinder three-liter. Recoil aggregates and dynamic characteristics not yet announced All these units are combined with only ten band “Automatic”. Drive – rear or full). In case of full drive rear differential may be free or with electronic lock.

A complex is available for the driver security and assistance systems Ford Co-Pilot360 2.0 driver including automatic braking with pedestrian detection.

There is also a self-parking Active Park Assist 2.0 with full control all bodies (steering wheel, gas, brake, transmission) capable to put the car in parallel and perpendicular.

In number there is an assistant with maneuvering with a trailer and alert function danger around the corner but the main advantag the new ford f series is not yet available to competitors second level autopilot. It lets the driver let go steering wheel and pedals when driving on specially trained motorways but with this is necessary all the time follow the road, and the driver himself monitors special salon camera. Now the car can will update by air.

And it’s not only about the multimedia system, but also the car as a whole.

Multimedia system has access to more than 10,000 hours of content, music no ads, news and person.

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